It’s All About Knowledge And Having Fun

It’s All About Knowledge And Having Fun

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It’s All About Knowledge And Having Fun


What is the Hip Hop Dance Expo?

The answer is simple: Meet together and doing the art we love so much

Hip Hop Dance.

From Krump, Hype, Pop, Lock, Break, House, and Dancehall to Battles, Cyphers, Choreography, Street Shows, Music, Dj, Radio, T.V, Internet. I want you all to get knowledge and a maximum of fun. And in between, a soccer and basketball tournament (Crew vs Crew), with a barbecue party, watch a movie, a documentary, or an Hip Hop show, listen to a speaker sharing his knowledge and thoughts or just talk together and debate on different subjects and matters. Those who are not afraid to wake up early even on a week end, can join and have a typical French breakfast at one of the beautiful park the 19th district of Paris has to offer. And finish the day with a giant brunch where we all gonna share our experiences of the day and scheduled the next…

I decided to create Hip Hop Dance Expo for all of those purposes and more.


Entirely dedicated to Hip Hop Dancers and everybody else who likes the Hip Hop culture. Those week end will start end of June 2013 (28th, 29th, 30th to be exact).
The first annual big edition will be in Paris, France 19th District, in the “birthplace” of the Parisian Hip Hop Culture. It will be followed every three months by a small edition. Three days with the same ingredients.

What I propose here is to meet together and build a stronger worldwide Hip Hop dance community. I want to have conferences, masterclass and workshops, for talking about our history, dance technics, innovations, and businesses. Institutional will be there for answering most of our questions, from our professional state to copyright issues, for example. And even, on small edition thematics, we will focus on specific areas and held it in different languages to ensure the wide and fast spread of the knowledge and what we gonna build during those exchanges will just be better than ever.


I also selected places and restaurants where the food is “beyond” good and the people who will welcome you are “awesome !”. Also, if you just want shopping all around, with your access pass, few stores in the all entire block (including the mall) are partnering with the Hip Hop Dance Expo for offering a special commercial sales on this week end. All offers will be available online soon.

The biggest dance training ground spot of France, will welcome dancers from beginners to pro with “astonishing” and beloved coaches at their disposal. And let’s not finish here… Workout sessions, swimming pools, ice skating, karting, and even golf, will be part of this entertaining week end.

So what now?

If you got a dance school, a business company, a project, an event, you already write a book, or directed or act in a movie or a documentary, you’re a student or a professional, an artist or a passionate as I am, got your own dance company or want to create one, or at least you have just an idea and wanted to speak about it, to show and share that to our Hip Hop dance community. It’s time to make this happens !

You’re welcome to contact me at:

Email : or

Tel :

and I’ll be please to get in touch with you, have at your disposal, dance rooms, theaters, gymnasium and meeting rooms. Also materials and tools at your disposition for exposing your matters in the most professional way you deserved. And finally, create the event on this biggest meeting, Hip Hop dancers and those who loves the art ever dreamed of.

What’s on right now is the website dance where you can already register online for a free access pass for the all first week end in June. Of course, some activities will not be totally free. But very soon, all program and activities will be available and listed online and you will have the opportunity to schedule your week end at your convenience.

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